BMW celebrates 15 years of BMW X models.

15 years ago, the BMW X5 made its debut as the world’s first Sports Activity Vehicle, attracting both praises and concerns from the BMW community. The introduction of the BMW X5 in 1999 laid the foundation stone for the unique success story of BMW X models on automotive markets all over the world and 5 years later, BMW unveiled the X3 SAV.

The brand’s range now comprises five BMW X models. These are complemented by the two four-wheel drive high-performance sports cars of the BMW M, the BMW X5 M and the BMW X6 M. The most progressive of all is the X5, now in its third generation, a complete vehicle that goes through an evolution cycle every 7 years.

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The second generation of the Sports Activity Coupe BMW X6 and the BMW X3 are now being produced, and have been recently joined in Spartanburg by the BMW X4 Sports Activity Coupe, a smaller-like X6 that fills a niche in the segment. Another successful X model is the BMW X1, offered with both a rear-wheel drive and xDrive configuration.

The BMW X7 (codename G07), an exceptionally large and luxurious model, is under development and will be launched in the late 2018. While not confirmed, our sources hint at a BMW X2 as well.

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To this day, more than 3.3 million BMW X models have been sold worldwide. Almost every third newly registered vehicle of the brand is now a BMW X model.