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Saturday, December 16, 2017

At the point when the most noticeably bad happens – Russian crisis administrations flaunt...

At first sight this looks like a serious accident, a fire involving a train and vehicles full of dangerous chemicals. But look closely at...

VIDEO: Check out the BMW 8 Series Concept’s crazy digital gauge cluster

BMW has been one of the slower premium automakers to embrace the digital gauge cluster. While the new 7 Series and 5 Series were...

Watch This Insane 1,000-HP Russian Racing Truck Get Some Serious Air

In the wake of securing a record 14 titles, Russian truck maker Kamaz has ended up being an imposing rival in the difficult Rally...

Picking an Individual color BMW isn’t as easy as you might think

BMW isn’t bashful with boasting about its Individual program. The brand is very proud of being able to offer customers a wide variety of color...

Кондиционер — вредно, а без него жарко? Тебя выручит этот нехитрый трюк!

Жаркие деньки всё ближе. В такую погоду веер — вещь незаменимая. Домашний кондиционер — еще лучше, но как быть, когда даже двигаться неохота, а...

Model Year 2018 Update Information for US Market

BMW of North America releases all the information on the product updates and pricing for Model Year 2018. Most notable is the no change...

BMW M8 Convertible rendered by Top Speed

The BMW 8 Series fever continues. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen countless 8 Series and M8 renders, fans trying to figure out...

Battle of Giants: Audi Q8 vs BMW X7

We recently learned of Audi’s upcoming debut for the Q8 Concept SUV next month in Detroit. The Audi Q8 will serve as the brand’s...

You’ll want to build your own 4×4 Lego drift wagon after watching this video

YouTube is a treasure trove of automotive hobbies that don’t require a driver’s license, a closed track and clouds of billowing tire smoke. Take...

Video: Take a Look Inside BMW’s Dadong Plant in China

Last week BMW and its Chinese partner, Brilliance Automotive, announced the opening of a newly built north section of their joint-venture plant in Dadong/Shenyang,...


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