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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Кондиционер — вредно, а без него жарко? Тебя выручит этот нехитрый трюк!

Жаркие деньки всё ближе. В такую погоду веер — вещь незаменимая. Домашний кондиционер — еще лучше, но как быть, когда даже двигаться неохота, а...

Mercedes widens its lead for the top spot in U.S. luxury sales over BMW

The U.S. auto extra fragment was al most level in May, with an expansion of just 0.5 pe rcent (168,126 units). All the three top extravagance...

Stars and their cars: the best (and worst) celebrity endorsements

English rally driver Catie Munnings has recently been reported as a Peugeot mark envoy, and underwrites the producer's new 208 Black Edition. The 19-year-old...

At the point when the most noticeably bad happens – Russian crisis administrations flaunt...

At first sight this looks like a serious accident, a fire involving a train and vehicles full of dangerous chemicals. But look closely at...

Сезонный календарь овощей и фруктов: когда и что покупать. Советы от знакомого поставщика!

Бывало ли у тебя такое, что ты покупаешь какой-то фрукт или овощ, а он совершенно безвкусный или, наоборот, испорченный? Настроение плохое, организм тоже витаминов...

Here is another real life look at the BMW Concept 8 Series

“The 8 Series coupe is the sportiest car in its segment,” said BMW Chief of R&D Klaus Fröhlich to journalists present at the unveil of the...

VIDEO: Check out the BMW 8 Series Concept’s crazy digital gauge cluster

BMW has been one of the slower premium automakers to embrace the digital gauge cluster. While the new 7 Series and 5 Series were...

Video: BMW M5 Catches Fire, Driver Unexpectedly Keeps Going

It isn’t every day that you get to see a car seemingly just burst into flames let alone have the luck to catch it...

WORLD PREMIERE: 2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

Though our claims weren’t believed by many, it’s now official. The BMW 6 Series will gain a Gran Turismo body style, to currently be...

Scott Eastwood and BMW in “Overdrive”

Hollywood star Scott Eastwood and BMW are in action together again: BMW is providing a whole fleet of different models for the new film...


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